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Unique blend of suble sweetness, sophisticated floral scent of a blooming Blue Raven - the most fragrant of all hyacinths. Middle notes of citrus, orange and neroli blossom, with a base of green undertones, adding a clean and fresh scent to this blend.


Our latest original blend which is now one of favourites in markets! :)

blue raven and neroli - room and linen spray

  • Perfect for your living areas, linen and cushions, cars, or wherever you need a little refresher.

    Carefully selected fragrance and essential oil blends

    recyclable glass bottle

    100ml formula of minimal ingredients:

    • fragrance and essential oil blends
    • perfumers alcohol
    • distilled water
    • polysorbate
  • Shake well before use.

    Fragrance lasts longer on fabrics. Always test first on an inconspicuous part of materials.

    Contains all body-safe ingredients. Do not spray on face.

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