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Our Story



[suhn-dey, -dee] | noun


a day of blissful rest​


Sunday is that one day when most of us get to slow down, express gratitude for all blessings received, enjoy meals and conversations with loved ones and be truly present. It was one of those beautiful Sunday afternoons that the business was born in 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

Founded by Donna Barrun, Blissful Sundays was inspired by nature. Her passion in creating eco-friendly and premium scented candles grew each day, along with her intent to share her creation for more people to enjoy.


From pouring candles for family and friends, she built her online shop, then Covid hit just when the business was picking up. As soon as the restrictions eased up, Donna and her husband, Orlando tried to expand their reach by joining the weekend markets.

We now have expanded our range to include other home fragrances, all nature-inspired, hand-poured with love and intention. Blissful Sundays' guiding principle is "affordable luxury, guiltless pleasure"- something great and beautiful is meant to be enjoyed by all at affordable prices.

Our Materials 

All our fragrances are carefully selected and blended. We source all our materials from ethical suppliers as much as possible. We use soy wax that is all natural, renewable and biodegradable. Our wicks are made from natural fibres, lead-free with no harmful metals. Our jars can be recycled and refilled, please refer to our Recycle and Refill Program


Our Journey thus Far


Our first-ever market was in Feb 2021 @Glebe Markets, just when Covid restrictions were easing out.


Our first setup at the South Coast @Kiama Seaside Markets mid 2021


A lovely day @Berry Markets


Our favourite way to wrap a market day is with a good gelato!


We converted our home office to a candle studio - the best decision ever that allowed us to expand our production


A neatly folded tent - yes, I am the #mastertfolder!

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